Danielle Dean 

Art In America1 Nov, 2018
Danielle Dean's exhibition "Bazar" took the catalogues the iconic French department store Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville has produced between the late nineteenth century and today as a lens through which to view the entangled histories of consumerism and racism.  [more]

Jack Smith

Art In America1 Oct, 2018
Jack Smith is known almost entirely for his playfully risqué film Flaming Creatures (1963); as noted in the pamphlet accompanying Artists Space's exhibition "Art Crust of Spiritual Oasis," the underground classic informed how Susan Sontag defined camp in her landmark essay “Notes on Camp” (1964). [more]

Em Rooney

Art In America1 Jun, 2018
Critics routinely describe Em Rooney's work as "vernacular." Vernacular it is, but sometimes to a fault. [more]

Cyprien Gaillard

Art In America1 May, 2018
Cyprien Gaillard makes spectacular films, sculptures, and installations that dramatize the unsavory, distinctly unglamorous side of societal progress while also making it beautiful. [more]