Cajsa von Zeipel’s Campy Dystopia

FriezeOct 16, 2020
“...such feats of spectacle don’t hide the fact that, in the words of the press release, Von Zeipel’s ‘futures […] made out of the fragments’ seem literally slapped together, not only in execution but in concept.” [more]

Critics’ Picks: Karlheinz Weinberger

ArtforumSeptember 16, 2020
“The photographer dotes on his butch subjects as they pose, drunkenly laze around in the woods, or make out with their girlfriends. And Weinberger’s boys really knew how to do it up.” [more]

“How Are You?” Care and Remembrance in the Work of Nan Goldin and Kathleen White

Broadcast, September 8, 2020
“Nan noted in a recent phone call, ‘She could be really funny. I miss her. She had a gentleness about her, but also sharp edges. She taught me to always ask people first: ‘how are you?’”. [more]

Cosmopolitan Other: Salman Toor

Mousse, July 15, 2020
“Far from being harmless signifiers of contemporary culture, Toor’s gadgets point to the pernicious ways technology capitalizes, literally, on social relationships in a metropolis.” [more]