Brendan Fernandes’s New Performance Brings Isamu Noguchi’s Sculptures to Life

Art In America26 Nov, 2019
Over the past year or so, Brendan Fernandes, who trained as a ballet dancer before turning to visual art, has been making work that explicitly foregrounds dance's reliance on mastery, skill, and self-control. [more]

Michael Wang

Artforum24 Oct, 2019
Organized by the Swiss Institute, Michael Wang’s “Extinct in New York,” a botanical triage unit of sorts, propagates and tenderly cares for dozens of plants that have been driven out—or otherwise eradicated—from the five boroughs due to overdevelopment, pollution, and other adverse conditions. [more]

Sam Ekwurtzel

Artforum4 Oct, 2019
East River–adjacent ferry queens like myself, who take New York City’s commuter boats up and down the coastlines, will recognize the fat mooring bollards—posts that ships get tied to when docked—in Sam Ekwurtzel’s solo exhibition, “Renderings.” They stand like rigid sentinels here, but looks are deceiving, as what appears in the gallery are actually husks—or perhaps even ghosts—of the original bollards that were created through clever acts of destruction.

Ugo Mulas’s Photographs Show Candid Moments from the 1960s New York Art World

Art In America
16 Sept, 2019

Ugo Mulas's photographs of New York City's artistic power players from the 1960s, remind us that artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol were real people who lived real lives. [more]